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The Company

Business India Publications Ltd (BIPL) is a leading media, information and communications company in India with some of the strongest brand names in magazine publishing.

It is committed to providing the most outstanding, the most relevant and the most valuable media brands. Over the years it has helped create awareness and generate public opinion on critical issues and choices in business, industry, the economy and society, all the while setting higher standards and leading the way with new ideas.

The Group was founded by Ashok Advani in 1978, along with a small team of young, like-minded individuals. The Group developed under him from a single magazine to a large media company within a short span of a few years. In fact, the first title, Business India, was started with a meager capital outlay, a small office space in Bombay and rented furniture and a typewriter.

By investing the profits generated from this first venture, the Group quickly expanded the magazine business to include several new titles - each predominantly successful in its field. Today BIPL occupies an enviable position in magazine publishing, recognized for pioneering new markets and acquiring predominant market shares for its titles.

From its inception, BIPL has remained dedicated to its principles:

Over the years these beliefs have held the company in good stead - winning it the loyal support of readers, exhibitors and advertisers alike.

While the mainstay of the business activity is magazine publishing, BIPL runs several successful divisions. These divisions were conceived to add value to the core publishing activity. In the process they ensured a strong and robust base for vertical growth in each of the individual areas or activity. The divisions are thus able to capitalize on their common brand name while drawing synergies from each other.

BIPL's activities operate from nine locations in India employing close to 300 people. Its divisions include: